Welcome to my Website!

My name is Kenneth Khin. I will be introducing what my interest are.

Many people already know this, but may not know. I am a person that is very into Astronomy. I know pretty much anything about the Solar System and its planets. I don't know stuff that are TOO advanced however. My favorite planets are Uranus and Neptune because of their bluish hue and that I don't really know much about them as compared to the other planets.

Since I like space so much, you may already know that I want to become an astronaut. Why? Here are the reasons:

Since I am a really big enthusiast when it comes to Astronomy, people would wonder how I'd list the planets. Here it is:

I will also list random facts about these planets.

  1. Uranus (1 billion miles closer to the Sun than Neptune, somehow has the coldest temperature recorded of -371 degrees F)
  2. Neptune (Wind speeds that break the sound barrier)
  3. Saturn (Its rings are younger than dinosaurs, and it can FLOAT on water)
  4. Jupiter (Great Red Spot)
  5. Mercury (Largest core relative to its size)
  6. Mars (Human space exploration target)
  7. Earth (Harbors life)
  8. Venus (Hottest in the Solar System

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I pretty know what you would ask me. Click any of the links to learn more of what I know!

My Favorite Astronomical Event and what it does

Alien Life

This is Cartwheel Galaxy. It is one of my favorites due to its apperance and satellite galaxies.